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I've known of Dr. Maggio for years, and it was by happenstance that I bumped into Judge Maggio not too long ago. Many conversations later, I find myself working on his campaign. His love of and respect for the law, in such a dignified manner, is what initially appealed to me. — Vincent Creel
Former public affairs manager, City of Biloxi

I’ve spent well over half my life with this guy. I have loved Stephen and raised 5 children with him and I doubt anyone knows him better than I do…and i haven’t killed him yet! Trust me when I tell you, the only thing he loves as much as he loves us, is the law. We met and married when he was in law school. All he ever wanted to do was be a lawyer. He lived for it. He was obsessed with the law. It spoke to him. He made me feel like it was a living thing… had to know it, you had to believe in it and you had to love what it stood for, to be able to make it work the way it was intended to. In the 35 years we’ve been married, he’s never stopped being a student of the law. Being a judge for the last 25 years has given him the unique background to understand and appreciate the incredible impact his decisions will have on peoples lives. Trust me, he does not take that lightly — Sandy Maggio

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